Food, Toys, and Bones for Danes

So, it should be no surprise at this point that you have chosen a full sized addition to your family. As a large bread, Danes require a bit different care than your average dog. From the time they are puppies, they should be on a special, high protein diet for large breed dogs. Blue buffalo makes a “chicken and rice” food for large breed puppies. Eukanuba also makes a “chicken” puppy large breed dog food that is supposed to be just as good. Both of these can be found at Petsmart and the staff there is very helpful. As for amount of food. Well, you did choose the path less chosen. My 6 month Dane on average consumes 75 pounds of food a month. I purchase 2 50 pound bags a month. Make sure you get a rewards card! I feed twice a day, around 6-7am and 6pm. Each feeding is about 3 cups of food. You can go up to 4 cups, just pay attention to your Danes needs. Generally, puppy food can be served to your Dane from 12-24 months. Check with your Vet for suggestions.

Raw diets made with chicken and rice can also be served to replace a meal for your dog. Dogs can eat a raw diet as they are not affected like we are from raw meat. As for amount, maybe try a cut up chicken breast and a cup and a half of rice.

As a large breed dog, they will go through innocent toys rapidly. Make Kong your friend. Toys such as ropes (there is a great rope that has a huge ball of rope in the center my Dane loves), chew toys (there is a chew toy made from fire hose with a plastic bottle in the middle you can replace that has endured), rugged balls to toss, and my Dane has also taken to a pink elephant from Kong that is like his blankey. I have also talked to Dane owners who play toss with Basketballs.

Do not give your Dane Rawhide or cooked bones!! Raw marrow bones you can get from the butcher are good as you can put peanut butter in the middle for long entertainment. Dentley’s makes digestible compressed bones and there are other bones that are pressed chicken, beef, etc. Hope this helps start with your new addition. Petsmart has a puppy starter kit that is a good deal, but they do have age restrictions for grooming and training. They do offer as part of this deal micro-chipping your pet, which YOU SHOULD DO! If your pet ever gets lost, pounds have scanners that will read the chip and your address and phone number are associated with it. Have fun!


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